Need More Space For Your Growing Family? The Transition Can Be Easier Than You Think.

Monday Mar 04th, 2019


Every family goes through the milestones in their lives where the kids are playing in the living room your pets are running around and you are crammed on the smallest corner of the smallest couch and it finally sinks in that you need more space for your growing family and you need it now, sound familiar?

For many this is a daily reality and a cause of stress and frustration thinking about how your children are growing, consuming more food, running faster and maybe even thinking for themselves from time to time, and it dawns on you or has been obvious for a while, I need to upgrade.

After this realization often comes a search of homes in the area that are for sale that and maybe even a glance at when your mortgage is up for renewal, but the busy facets of life seem to distract you from confronting the growing strain on your psyche.

And then it comes to a breaking point where you put your foot down and finally say, so help me god I’m moving out of this house/apartment I can’t take it anymore.

If you are here, let me guide you on journey on where to start.

  1. Your first stop in this journey is to your financial advisor or trusted lender to see how much of an increase of mortgage you (and your partner) are able to qualify for. Here they will need various income documents and will perform a credit check and include other credit information on other debts you may have. Talk to the advisor you use at your local bank about what is required. If you do not have a local lender or financial advisor reach out to me and I can set you up with one in my network. Here they will be able to tell you one of two things, 1) yes you absolutely in place to do an upgrade and here is what you qualify for. Or 2) you aren’t quite there yet but here is exactly what you need to do (in regards to saving or paying down debt) to get there over the next few months to increase your affordability.
  2. Secondly and in the meantime, if there are no roadblocks from a lending perspective, its time to start looking for a home with an agent and in your free time. Its important to have a clear picture of what you need for you family specifically before you start looking. Requirements that you will need that you can answer indefinitely like: “ I absolutely need 3 bedrooms” or “ I want 2 full baths but will settle for 1.5” or “ I absolutely do not want a pool” are all things you will need to know precisely to quickly narrow down what you are looking for in your price range and can pinpoint these properties in your price range in a timely manner. Chances are this upgrade will be your home until your children are done school or beyond so make sure it is exactly what you need and want. Knowing exactly what you want and knowing that you can afford it will give you (and your agent) calm ability to negotiate effectively with sellers from a position of power.
  3. Third and most importantly, train yourself to be decisive throughout the real estate process. Procrastination is the biggest deal killer in slow, medium and fast real estate markets. Often time, the buyer that is able to bring forward a well-planned offer the fastest and show a level of eagerness to get the property will most likely get it, especially if there are no other offers.


Real estate upgrading is a big decision but the financial, emotional and family rewards can be immense. Having a thorough team (lender, agent, lawyer etc.) in your corner can help make the transition seamless and exciting, and having less than thorough team can make it bumpy and stressful. I encourage to interview lenders and agents to see who is the best fit in regard of personality and in proven ability.

Contact me today if you have further inquiries in your home upgrade journey!

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