Know Your Zoning

Friday Mar 15th, 2019


Zoning Is avitally important aspect to Investing, Flipping and just regular purchasing. Zoning can make or break you ROI, or the plans that motivated you to purchase the property in the first place. Knowing what you are and often more importantly are not allowed to do on your property can be material factors effecting your decision to purchase.

For investors its the difference of being allowed to have the ganny suit or converting to a legal duplex. for the home purchaser, am i allowed to build the pool bar I invisioned when we bought the place?

Where to start? 

Below is the link for the city of St.Catherines Zoning By-laws, Its important for you(or your realtor preferably) To know what the propert you with to purchase is Zoned currently and what restrictions apply and if there are any grandfathered non-conforming uses that exist on the property you are considering.

Questions to ask

Ask yourself what is the existing Zoning, What goals do i have with the property that may effect zoning. Who do i talk to if i want to make an alteration to the property that may effect zoning.

All of these questions and more are answered in the report.

If you have further questions you can reach out to me.



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