Navigating your home sale during COVID-19

Sunday Mar 29th, 2020


Navigating a Real Estate Sale during COVID-19 a) During the weeks of isolation use this time to prep your property for sale. Cleaning out all the non-essential item, boxes them and putting them in storage can be a great use of time before coming on the market. b) Prep the yard, nothing is more disastrous for a realtor or potential buyer than trying to sell or viewing a property with a yard that looks like a war zone. Rake, cut, trim and plant as necessary, show the best your property has... [read more]

Overview of Real Estate Investment Niches

Thursday Jul 18th, 2019


Choosing Your Real Estate Investment Niche The following list includes the most common property types that real estate investors deal with. Each has many subsets as well, but remember, you don’t need to know about them all. This is merely a list to help you understand what options are available, from a 20,000 foot view. Raw Land: Raw land is nothing more than basic earth. Land, on its own, may be improved (adding value), and it may be leased or rented to create cash flow. Land can also... [read more]

Niagara’s Acres of Diamonds: The land of ridiculously undervalued properties and ridiculously high rental income

Wednesday Mar 27th, 2019


An old adage from Dr. Russel Conwell seems cliché among salespeople and investors who stay current in the residential and multi residential real estate space, but this is truly the condition of the Niagara real estate market. There are a number of economic and social conditions leading to this phenomenon that is better than Dr. Conwell’s diamonds, these diamonds make you cash every month! Niagara is specially situated within 1-hour drive of Canada’s biggest city and along... [read more]

Know Your Zoning

Friday Mar 15th, 2019


Zoning Is avitally important aspect to Investing, Flipping and just regular purchasing. Zoning can make or break you ROI, or the plans that motivated you to purchase the property in the first place. Knowing what you are and often more importantly are not allowed to do on your property can be material factors effecting your decision to purchase. For investors its the difference of being allowed to have the ganny suit or converting to a legal duplex. for the home purchaser, am i allowed to... [read more]

Need More Space For Your Growing Family? The Transition Can Be Easier Than You Think.

Monday Mar 4th, 2019


Every family goes through the milestones in their lives where the kids are playing in the living room your pets are running around and you are crammed on the smallest corner of the smallest couch and it finally sinks in that you need more space for your growing family and you need it now, sound familiar? For many this is a daily reality and a cause of stress and frustration thinking about how your children are growing, consuming more food, running faster and maybe even thinking for... [read more]

3 Reasons Houses Don't Sell

Monday Feb 25th, 2019


Many believe there are various reasons that a house does not sell. But in reality, it often comes down to 3 primary reasons, that consistently appear in situations when houses fail to sell. Avoiding these situations can be very important to the success in selling your property. 1) Not Properly Advertised- Having a listing that is poorly advertised can have a serious impact in not only the ultimate sale, but how much you are able to demand from the sale in terms of price. A poorly advertised... [read more]